Gallery Preparation

All too soon, crunch time arrived, and the galleries in the Tairawhiti Museum had to be prepared. To be able to get this far, there had to be a sound gallery design in place, walls had to be built, paint ordered, volunteers present and ready for work.  And that was just the easy part.

Painting the main gallery at the Tairawhiti Museum began on Tuesday 3 December 2013. The three colours that were used in the museum exhibition are used on this site. The Red Berry (which represented Mana Tangata, the future) was used in the smaller galleries that featured the digital installations. The Pelourous Blue, chosen because of the obvious association with water covered the main gallery.  An orange was picked to represent the wharenui, Te Poho O Tamanuhiri.  This intensely warm tone welcomed visitors to the exhibition.

In the Blue Gallery, several kowhaiwhai designs were traced and painted on to the walls. These designs were from the collection of hoe (oars) that the ancestors of Ngai Tamanuhiri traded with Captain Cook at Whareongaonga in 1769. It was a contemporary way of linking back to our shared past. The painting had to be finished before the 10th of December, when the real hoe arrived from Te Papa! We were working to a tight deadline. Here are some photos describing the painting process.