In this context, wananga means holding a workshop.  This can be, but is not limited to, a gathering of people who are focussed on information and/or skill sharing.  Several artists’ wananga were held in the lead up to Toi Tamanuhiri opening in December 2013.


This gave the creative geniuses of Ngai Tamanuhiri the opportunity to korero, share knowledge or skills, and above all, network.  In Maori terms, we network as a whanau and we call networking ‘whanaungatanga’ and our shared whakapapa (genealogies) are the basis for that.


In the lead up to the exhibition, all of the wananga were primarily about information sharing. Letting the artists know the what, when, where and how of it all.  Key dates for submission of work, what sort of art work they planned to contribute, whether they were interested in being part of a live art wananga during the exhibition.