Te Ruareima (Ruby) Emmerson

Nanny Kui has been weaving since she was a girl growing up in Muriwai. She is largely self-taught although she noted that her journey with raranga really began at a whariki weaving wananga at Whakato Marae, Manutuke Marae.  This was organised by her older sister, Heni Sunderland. Master weaver Diggeress Te Kanawa was also present. Since this time Nanny Kui has shared her passion for weaving with her whanau, hapu and iwi. She is also one of the main instigators (and one of the main contributing weavers) for Toi Tāmanuhiri, along with several other pakeke.

You can read more about Nanny Kui’s work in the book about her famous korowai, Rongo-mai-ana-te-aroha.